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Mack vs Iceman18, Vegas Battles 29 (Thunder's Arena)

Over the holidays, I bought three new Mack fights, having been drawn to him in his rock-em ring battle against his pal Viking. So far I haven't got past this one match, which isn't even the most recent Mack. I may have bought this battle for Mack - who is fuckin' fantastic here, make no mistake about it - but from the moment Iceman18 leaps on the six-foot-four man-monster's torso, utilizing all four limbs to drag him down grunting and heaving to the carpet, it's all about Iceman. The match is a scissors challenge, as proposed by the blond rookie (5'11", 206#), claiming to have stronger, deadlier thighs than Mack's. I won't give away the ending, but this fight is way more even than anybody but Iceman could have anticipated.

I do, in fact, have a thing for legs, thick in thigh and calf, cinched at the knees like the middle of a narrow hourglass. Legs are the main course here, but I also have things for handsome faces, strong shoulders and backs, biceps and triceps, and sculpted pecs - also on tap here, almost as if I had custom-ordered the event. And above all, as most of you already know, I have a ginormous thing for wrestling, specifically good wrestling, and good wrestling is prominent even in this gimmicky one-hold challenge. Both guys know how to make antimicrobial vinyl squeak like a puppy toy.

The fight is shot in a Vegas hotel room with a wide-angle lens providing depth of field somewhat at the price of distortion. I love the Manchurian Candidate look, giving the battle an air of crazed frenzy, expressionistically contained in what appears to be a goldfish bowl. Mack and Iceman are perfect eye candy for someone like me who falls hard for the big boys - and as I said, the wrestling's not bad either!

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