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Jesse Zane vs Taylor Reign, Catalog 1 - Muscle Boy Throwdown (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Only Jesse Zane has more MuscleBoy videos than Taylor Reign. They've bumped into each other twice, in Catalogs 1 and 2. I'm just catching up. I've seen five matches each, so this week brings the total to 7 / 7, still a tie. Rocco recommended I see the two together to fully appreciate their magnetism. He's right on that one. Together, Jesse and Taylor fog up the camera lens in two steamy, languorous matches that are low on aggressive intensity, but their combined erotic heat soars. 

The first match (the shots above) is an early PG-13 version of what I take to be the site's house style of "hard romance" (my word for MuscleBoy's singular mix of competition and romance). In retrospect (a close  retrospect - it's hard to believe the company sprung up only nine months ago), it appears that Zane, Reign, and MBW were testing the waters with both videos, but especially the first, which is close in tone and pace to Jesse's previous matches elsewhere. The videos are unnecessarily gentle and coy, I think. The second (the shots below) ups the game a little with some rip and strip, the wrestlers beginning in singlets and finishing in jockstraps.

What MuscleBoy has got so incredibly right in subsequent videos - including matches involving Zane and Reign - is a rougher wrestling style that does not soft-soap the pain of m/m combat or the penetrative force of m/m sex, while (miraculously, I think) portraying, with great accuracy, the emotional nuances (attraction, excitement, panic, surrender, exhilaration, mystery) of romantic love. These two matches touch many of those points but not as fully or compellingly as the later matches do.

What makes them worth seeing is the marvelous chemistry between Zane and Reign, two of MBW's most popular stars and most accomplished mat wrestlers. If you're interested in seeing Jesse on top, don't miss the first one. If you want Taylor on top, definitely check out the second. If, like me, you don't consider top and bottom roles particularly important, by all means see them both.

Taylor Reign vs Jesse Zane, Catalog 2 - Muscle Boys Get Rough (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

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