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Skip Vance vs Axel, Match 574 - Lost Video Collection (UCW)

Skip always looked shady to me, and I often wondered why he wasn't cast more often as the heel. Even the idea of a twink heel, like a boy villain, tickles my fancy, especially if some upstanding skinny kid kicks his ass at the end of the match. But the twink era is finito in underground wrestling, isn't it? Nowadays rookies come in all sizes, and even teenage wrestlers weigh in at 170-plus pounds with bodies like astronaut suits. To be honest, I don't regret the era's passing since twink bodies don't have the bounce or basso thump I enjoy in wrestling. One thing they were good for, when they weren't being giggly and boyishly sweet, was a claws-out male catfight now and then. In this new lost video from UCW we get an unimpeded view of Vicious Vance.
He's not entirely Villainous Vance, however. Here Skip's punishment of Axel is provoked by Axel's uncharacteristic arrogance and bullying. This may be Axel's earliest attempt at playing the bad guy.  I'm not sure because I'm not sure how old the match is. I can only guess because Skip and Axel appear to have that dewy glow of youth that they held longer than most of us got to. Anyway, about 11 minutes into the 26-minute match, Skip turns the tables on Axel and gives him the whipping he deserves and then ties his hands behind his back for even more sadistic punishments.

In reality, the so-called "lost" videos are old custom matches that a fan scripted and paid the production costs on. Many of these are excellent on their own merits. For me, one reliably good thing about them is that I get to peek into other wrestling fans' fantasies - see how they think, see what arouses them, see, in fact, a tiny fragment of their soul. In this case, it warms me that somebody wanted to see Axel play the jerk and get his ass kicked - and not kicked by some bruiser like Corporal Punishment or LS Powerhouse but by a dimpled cutie some inches shorter and some pounds lighter than he.

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