The Hybrid

Clark Connors vs Christopher Love Thomas, Cruel Summer, 18 June 2017 (MidValley ProWrestling)

Since Beefcakes of Wrestling spotlighted "The Hybrid" Clark Connors last summer, several new matches featuring the muscle bombshell have appeared on YouTube, including his MidValley debut last Father's Day. It's a fine debut, foregrounding his assets and delivering some fine ring storytelling. The 10-minute tale is simple and familiar, but one that always resonates with me - wrongdoing punished, justice served. Christopher Love Thomas is swell as an overweening but cowardly villain - at one point he flees the ring to literally suck his thumb in the corner. He ultimately gets his ass owned by the studly rookie. Justice is served. Thomas is vicious enough to deserve his humiliating downfall, and Connors strikes the right notes of exuberance and bewilderment to emphasize his inexperience and integrity. To quote a favorite lyric by the Mountain Goats, "I need some justice in my life, here it comes."

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  1. Clark Connors is great find. He packs his tiny trunks perfectly and shows off his assets. He has a you tube channel under his real name Connor Deutsch, He was a high school and college football star. Photos of matches for several northwest indy federations can be found under All Star wrestling photos-May 2017 forward, Defy wrestling photos, WCWC photos-November 2017 forward as well as PNPW. His match on you tube All Star 5/26/2017 is excellent.


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