Where the Boys Are

I'm flying to Fort Lauderdale next month. The occasion? On Thursday, February 22nd, at 7:00 p.m., BG East and The Manor (night club, event space, ultra lounge) are hosting a wrestling show to benefit the Pride Center at Equality Park. Based on the lineup, boasting Ty Alexander, Alex Chamberlain, Josh Colon, Kirk Donahue, Eye Candy Elliot, Jonny Firestorm, and Zip Zarella (above), "Wrestling with Pride" will basically be "BG East Live." I've been packing my bags since fall, when Kid Leopard announced the event. He says the joint will be wall-to-wall with wrestlers both in and out of the ring. Sounds like heaven to me. Get your ticket here.

As dear Connie used to sing, "I wait impatiently."


  1. Have you heard if this event is going to be shot for video release? I'd love to attend but i live overseas. It looks like a hot card, it would be a shame if those of us unable to attend missed out.

  2. What a great idea for a vacation! I saw this event advertised (or mentioned) on Instagram and did not think too hard about it ... my Febraury / March is pretty jam packed but I wish I would have considered a trip to Florida...

    ...and that shot of ZZ up there is just mouth watering. I need to track down some of his indy matches and see how he really is in the ring.

  3. Can some of the spectators join in on the wrestling? What if they currently still train and compete?


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