579 and 580

Both of UCW's weekend releases float slightly out of range of my G-spot, standing for grappling  in this case.

Match 579 opens with Tyson choking Kevin out. He proceeds to fondle the unconscious body. When Kevin revives, the action gets tougher as the two run a course of gut punches, pec and pecker tweaking, and schoolboy pins, with the Hammer in absolute command most of the time. In the end Tyson shackles Lin to the wall for further groping and massage. The scenery is gorgeous, of course, but the string of wrestling holds don't bind together as sustained wrestling action - at least not for me. 

Match 580 is the UCW debut of Marc Matthews, a hero at large in underground wrestling and wrestling meetup sites. Billed as a battle between youth (Axel) and age (Marc), it's a pairing that was booked years ago for another promotion but just didn't happen ... until now. I assume, perhaps mistakenly, that the original fight was going to involve authentic sub wrestling. Here, we get UCW roughhouse, too gingerly performed at times, and clockwork give and take, with a gentlemanly but decisive finish.

The product is no less solid because it's not to my taste. Personally I prefer the genre-twisting matches of recent months - Eli vs Max, Axel vs Jayden, Angel vs Erik, and, especially, Derrick vs Austin. Clearly, UCW has spoiled me this past year, yet I'm not so harebrained as to expect every UCW match to be a mountain-splitting seas-turning-to-blood twenty-tissue apocalypse designed with my likes specifically in mind!

Axel vs Marc Matthews, Match 580 (UCW)

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