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Calvin Haynes vs Richie Douglas, Backyard Brawls 10 (BG East)

My TV is out of commission, which means I'm getting my wrestling off YouTube and downloads - hopefully only for the time being. In a BeeGee frame of mind, I downloaded these shots of Calvin and Richie from The Arena @ BG East. Though I'm not currently able to watch my library of DVDs, I was lucky enough to view this match before its release, lucky too to have some lasting impressions of it, and lucky to have the BGE site's amazingly well-written catalog description for a guide.

What I remember most are the wrestlers' buoyant spirits and the surprise of seeing little Richie tearing a hole in Calvin, a sexy big-hearted side of beef if ever there was one. The light'n'easy tone of the match takes nothing away from the reckless spirit of competition at work here. In my opinion, camaraderie and roughhouse are why wrestling is the only sport (and only erotica) I pay much attention to. Calvin is flirty, which is a pleasant surprise all on its own, and Richie teases him on, eventually getting him to lower his defenses so Richie can indulge in some pretend violence.

The closest the match gets to serious is when Richie has worked Calvin's last nerve and the big guy, tired of playing nice, goes after him full steam. Even then, Richie holds his own amazingly well, leading to a stiff, hot, and, from the looks of it, dead serious brawl - wherein somebody gets his clock one-hundred-percent cleaned - as in "knocked out." What the match lacks in sturm und drang, which is a lot since it's mostly for fun, it more than makes up for with its bucolic greenery and high spirits (just what I needed).

Visit BG East here.


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