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Jax Brewer vs Elite Eliot (Wrestler4Hire)

This short (20-min.) and sweet 2017 match draws me for multiple reasons. Like many matches I'm crazy for, it spotlights not one but two wrestlers I like, deeply, intrinsically like, though I can't say that I have (yet) seen every match they've appeared in. (I can say, though, they have thoroughly impressed me in every one that I have seen.) Also, it's a neat story. If I say it matches perfectly my favorite fight narrative, I will spoil the ending for regular readers of this blog - so I won't say that. Instead, let me praise the hair-pulling, the authentic mat grappling, the stretches, the scissors, all the gritty and detailed physical insults. The match is almost 100 percent male catfight. I like Eliot's face - the mirror of every schoolyard bully who ever tormented his classmates with wedgies and noogies. And, most of all, if I'm honest, I'm drawn to the legs.

Legs, in my opinion, are what wrestling is all about. It only just this minute occurred to me that this is why I've never been moved by arm wrestling - perhaps the only major form of wrestling I don't care for. I audibly groan when underground matches start with an arm wrestling challenge. I like the way Eliot's cream-colored thighs pedestal his shapely ass. But even more I like Brewer's hairy, ultraefficient legs. If my inexpert opinion means anything, I would insist that the calves most of all determine an athlete's aptitude for grappling - and Brewer's solid calves and thighs are perfect. Never  underestimate the potential for beauty and force in the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. I suspect I'm not alone in this fixation since Jax's legs are the focal point of over 55 percent of the shots in this match.

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