Ronnie Pearl vs Cal Bennett, Gut Bash (Wrestler4Hire)

So long as Wrestler4Hire stays in the business of brutalizing Cal Bennett, it can count on three or so sales to my address annually. I suspect my dream of seeing Cal control a match may never come true, but his last year at W4H has produced definite improvements in the man's ability to sell the agony of being controlled by sadists like Ronnie Pearl. Ostensibly a "gut bash," the no-contest contest wisely broadens the range of abuse to include the whole beautiful body - toes to scalp - though the abs do get most of Ronnie's attention. The heel doesn't just rely on the standard fist-punch either, extending the bodily arsenal to include knee jabs and boot thrusts. Pearl's mastery of Bennett appears effortless, despite his being shorter and somewhat lighter than his victim. Ronnie is, without a doubt, a genius of manhandling, but the exhibition wouldn't be half as fun if it weren't for Cal's near-incessant pleas, moans, whimpers, contortions, and grimaces - an art form in and of itself. May the beauteous hunk recover from his injuries quickly to endure even more fiendish assaults to come!

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