Gabriel Cross vs Van Ryder, Catalog 6 - Muscle Boys Get Fired Up! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

First let me just quote my friend Jim in Nashville:

"I got the MuscleBoy video with Gabriel Cross (a pretty-boy fave from BGE) and Van Ryder. I suspected Cross would be one hell of a bottom and I was not disappointed. The wrestling is all right, but the fucking Cross takes is memorable."

If I had not already decided to download this match, this recommendation would have made my mind up. I'm with Jim 100 percent on this one. The wrestling is "all right," and it's only a small part of the 55-minute video, so small as to be almost a nonevent, alas. But, as Jim suggests, "the fucking Cross takes" more than makes up for what's missing. The video, first in the Catalog 6 lineup, slow-burns to a sweaty, rhapsodic climax.

Visually, the Remy Martin orange and black, the tiger print of Ryder's trunks, and certain shots that look like the cover of a French S&M jazz album (and if there isn't already, there really needs to be one) create a lush enough atmosphere for an erotic romp so full of rough, frenzied passion that it makes Fifty Shades look like The Family Circus by comparison. In the beginning, Van swoops in on Gabriel and pulls in tight (along with the roving camera) for a smothering wet kiss, one of multitudes, without uttering a word.

They no sooner separate than lock up collar and elbow, Ryder shoving Cross to the wall for more passionate kisses and a trio of gut punches and then dragging him down to the mat like captured prey. A glimpse of cock 15 minutes in is but a tease of what's coming later. By midpoint, Van and Gabriel are stripped bare and they are in and out of each other like an Escher print. The MBW touch makes the explicit proceedings less raunchy than romantic. The virile beauty of manly love has seldom been so potently rendered.

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