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Cason vs Marco, No Holds Barred 107 (Thunder's Arena)

Marco's good at keeping wrestling at the forefront of his Thunder's Arena matches. NHB107 features solid grappling in its first five minutes, which then disperses among rounds of gut punches and ball grabs, the "no holds barred" element of the video. Arm bars and bear hugs intersperse with the usual poses and smack talk. Of course, like 99.9% of the people who downloaded this match, I did so for a closer look at the new meat Cason, 6'1", 235#, a man of appreciable substance. He does not disappoint. built like a thunderhead, tan as a bread loaf, with the face of a fireman on a calendar. 

In the beginning Marco questions whether Cason, one of Steel's bodybuilder pals, even knows how to wrestle. I'm glad he raises the issue because although I'm keen on flexing and "cute trunks" too, wrestling is the keystone of my erotic temperament. (For those of you who saw the movie God's Own Country, the rough outdoors sex scene epitomizes what a man-on-man fuck means to me.) Cason is eager to prove himself: "I know how to grapple. I know how to manhandle." "You know how to 'manhandle'?" Marco responds approvingly. "That's sexy."

Realistically Marco has little to fear in Cason's wrestling skills. To his credit, Cason does actually wrestle, but he, like most of the Arena roster, could learn something from Marco about strategy. What he lacks in moves, Cason more than makes up for with huffing and puffing. Even Marco praises the guy's cardio. The bodybuilder breathes deeply from the abs, and his exhalations give a beat to the grappling. Marco dominates for the first half of the 20-minute video. Cason controls large portions of the second half, with varying conviction, getting little help from Marco, who often no-sells other wrestlers' holds.

Though other sites feature better wrestling, the Arena dominates the muscle god market, as far as I'm concerned. It's pricier than other sites, but I assume gods don't work for peanuts. As I have said elsewhere, Thunder's matches give me what all the sword-and-sandal movies of my boyhood promised but never delivered. Cason and others deliver where Kirk Morris and Steve Reeves did not. And at the Arena, sexiness (though not X-rated sex) is always a big part of the equation.

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