Beautiful Heel

Chris Tyler vs Jake McCluskey, HOPE 4th Anniversary Show (House of Pain: Evolution)

Hey, Europe, wanna hit my sweet spot? Book a heel-vs-heel match between UK's Chris Tyler (5'10", 200#) and Hungary's Justin Wylde (6', 188#). I have a hunch who would win, but go ahead and surprise me. Meanwhile, this strong-styl.e match between Tyler and Jake McCluskey works just fine, thank you.

A beautiful heel tears me apart - Aryx Quinn, Alex Waters, Jessie Godderz, Vinny Trevino, Prince Devitt, Ashton Vuitton, Steve Sherman, Blaze, on good days Jake Jenkins and Austin Cooper. A combination of beauty, wrongdoing, and wrestling boggles even my perverted mind. In every real-world context, villainy appalls me, but in a theatrical context and with the right balance of photogenicity and ballsiness, it makes me dizzy. What the stage, screen, or ring removes from evil is its ignorance, its banality, its absence of style, and its pettiness. What's left is an artfully airbrushed devil, as lovely and dangerous as a pit viper.

This match from August of last year is full of holy cow moments - acrobatic assaults, splendidly choreographed takedowns, and some lovely narrative symmetry. But what works on me even more is Tyler's smug self-satisfaction and the many glimmers of determined havoc in his eyes. Whether he triumphs or loses, he's never anything less than fascinating.

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