Genius of Sparks

Ryan Sparks vs Bruno the Beast, Catalog 6 - Muscle Boys Get Fired Up! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

"Nice, very nice," Bruno says as he approaches the ring, fully appreciative of Ryan's bulk and beauty. He brims with self-importance. As the match begins, Bruno almost effortlessly gets the upper hand, stretching Ryan back over the top rope so his fingers can touch and his tongue can taste the long, hard expanse of Sparks' torso. Then Ryan turns the tables, and it's Bruno's turn to bend backward over the top rope as Sparks fondles his midsection and reaches down to grab and hold The Beast's crotch - but without a flicker of lust. He looks down at the bulge as if it were a malfunctioning machine part. Then for the next ten minutes Bruno controls everything with manic fervor. Though Ryan sells Bruno's holds well, his facial expression still manages to suggest iciness and stoic resolve.

Five minutes later, Bruno peels off Ryan's yellow trunks, leaving the man virtually naked in a white thong that becomes more transparent as the match progresses. Ryan has nothing to be ashamed of down there, but his blank non-reaction here surprises me a little bit - and kind of thrills me, too, with the thought that Sparks is just a life-size sex toy to be pummeled and played with by turns. Why wasn't THIS what Wham-0 followed the Water Wiggle with? My boyhood could have been so much sweeter than it was!

But Ryan astounds even further when he busts loose of a camel clutch and puts Bruno in the biggest bind I have ever seen him in. Now shimmering with sweat, Ryan tears into The Beast with all the force (and lack of passion) of a torpedo. It's a chilling sight - and, for whatever complicated reasons, the chilliness makes it all the more potent for me. 

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