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Ryan McBride vs Kent Brink, Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup 2010 (Maryland Championship Wrestling)

Again I owe a thank-you to Jim of Nashville, this time for recommending this 2010 heavyweight title battle between two young hunky wrestlers in Dundalk, Maryland. McBride (6'0", 187#, in black and green) is the challenger, looking diminutive next to champion Brink (6'4", 235#, in black and red). The match consists mostly of body slams and one sweaty near pin right after another, a simple repetition that works wonders on my libido. I'm sometimes critical of tightly choreographed ring acrobatics, but I have no complaints here because everything works on a dramatic level. The suspense is well crafted and the surprises are beautifully orchestrated - and none of the fancy moves is at the expense of gritty rock-em-sock-em aggression - from start to finish.

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