Happy Little Squeeze

Justice vs Cason, Mat Rats 97 (Thunder's Arena)

On looks alone, Justice would earn a place at the fantasy heel table. He's a close match for Cason - both men 6'1" and in the 200s. Each commands my attention. Justice is the maturer of the two, a black belt in jujitsu and, despite his arresting physique, a plain-spoken and upfront sort of guy. Cason is the meatier man, his weight advantage most evident in his pecs and thighs. Together they make my heart beat a little faster. The 20-minute fight is the sort of hard rub and closed-fist contest that I yearned to see in old Hercules movies, only without encumbering togas and captive princesses squealing in the background. 

The video presents twists and turns in both the athletic and the dramatic senses, especially in the final six minutes. It opens, innocently enough, with Justice demonstrating some common holds - beginning with the rear naked choke, which later plays a role in kicking off the climax. This kind of demonstration is typical of a lot of underground wrestling, but Justice's soothing vocal tones set this one apart.  I particularly like the way he explains the first hold, Bob Ross style. His voice goes low and breathy as he moans the word squeeeze  to the back of Cason's head. (Speaking of Ross, a few minutes later, Justice compares applying an arm bar to lifting a paintbrush.) Gradually but inevitably, the demonstration triggers the men's competitive spirit and turns into a fight in earnest.

For once, the stream of banter amplifies a match's eroticism for me. Justice's breathy yeah yeah yeahs  are almost pornographic. His tigerish purr as he chokes Cason to unconsciousness about two-thirds in is as good a definition of erotic wrestling as I've heard. Cason's comeback is pure caveman-style aggression, riding Justice's strong back while attempting to wear the black belt down. It's a long, hard struggle, if you know what I mean. Mat Rats 97  is certain to get multiple replays at my house.

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