Hard At It 4: World Series

Shawn Duncan vs Evan Turner, World Series Match (Movimus)

Shawn and Evan's friendly rivalry verges on epic in this 50-minute fourth contest to prove who's the better submission wrestler. It's a World Series match, meaning the victor must win four out of seven falls. It's the longest, most challenging, and most strenuous of Movimus's matches to date, featuring the two strongest wrestlers of the company's West Coast division.

I like Evan's down-to-business attitude in this and other matches, but I confess I root for Shawn for his flash and cocky exuberance here. It's not just the hot pink speedo he wrestles in. It's the vigor of his fight and the obvious delight he takes in fighting Evan. Having the more compact and solid build, he has a natural advantage over his taller opponent, whose strength is his resilience, patience, and even-tempered mat strategy.

The first 32 minutes are as tight as it can be - that's how long it takes before the first fall. We don't quite get to the full seven falls before a winner is declared. Still, the fight, in its entirety, is tense, agonizing, and, often, ecstatic. It proves my theory that the best fights are between wrestlers who have fought each other previously. Shawn and Evan know each other's thought processes and physique thoroughly. At this point, these guys could probably wrestle each other blindfolded.

In their previous matches, Evan and Shawn forged an unexpected camaraderie off the mat, but on the mat the friendship's put on pause and they go for the jugular. In many respects, this match is the culmination of every other match these men have fought - against each other and against other rivals. For fans of either wrestler, this match marks a defining moment. And by all indications, Evan and Shawn are not done with each other yet.

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