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Ethan Slade vs Santiago Figueroa,  Catalog 6 - Muscle Boys Get Fired Up! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

At first, the match is more smooch than smackdown, but a third of the way through, Ethan and Santiago start firing on all four cylinders - fight, sport, romance, and cum shot - achieving that rare balance of kink and athleticism that MuscleBoy is good for and that Slade, in particular, helped launch in a watershed event last summer. Santiago is a natural for this, too, by turns fiery and tender, a perfect match for Ethan to show off both men's strengths and vulnerabilities.

Figueroa (in white and blue) steps on the mat, with an appreciative nod in Ethan's direction. "Looking good there. I think we can do this," he says, reserved yet ultra-confident. He initiates the bout, but immediately Slade takes the upper hand, shoving the newcomer to the wall, one hand to his throat while the other hand checks out the goods below. Lest the new hire get too comfortable, Ethan directs a couple of forearm thrusts to Santiago's chest, following up with a protracted kiss, sensuous and sticky. Then a totally unexpected blow to the head.

Santiago's face suggests that he knows this game and can give Ethan tit for tat. But Ethan has just begun. He slams his man to the mat and attempts an easy pin but gets only a two-count before Santiago bucks him off. Back on their feet, they lock arms. Ethan drives Santiago's back to the wall and proceeds to punch the newby's gut. Ethan is far from gentle, but he knows what he's ultimately after and goes for it like a ferret. It's Santiago's resistance that accelerates the roughness, and when the newcomer takes charge, fully claiming his status as top, the match gets grittier ... and hotter.

Around the 20-minute mark, the trunks come off and the lube comes out. The sex is rough and manly but not humiliating. In this respect MBW distinguishes its product from the rape fantasies of the now apparently defunct Naked Kombat. Santiago and Ethan both get what they want from each other. They just need to fight a little to negotiate the hierarchy and work up their juices. Santiago makes one of the strongest debuts ever, and Ethan confirms his position as perhaps the world's feistiest power bottom.

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