Nero vs Mini-Thor

There's a distinct pleasure in watching two voluptuous bodies slathered in oil and locked onto each other. Probably no wrestler recognizes that fact more than Nero Angelo. In all underground wrestling, he expresses the most openly appreciative interest in the well-formed male body. For better or worse, he knows no boundaries. Depending on your point of view, his groping and leering are refreshingly candid and gay-positive or scarily stereotypical of the predatory homo your coach or pastor warned you against - perhaps while giving you a foot massage. 

Yet for decades most of the gay/bi/queer wrestling underground featured wrestlers seemingly oblivious to the erotic appeal of the sport. There was the typical bodybuilders' appreciation for pecs, biceps, lats, and quads - but no more than a carefully modulated nod - hardly ever an expression of attraction, arousal, or lust. Even gay wrestling fans denied the sport's erotic appeal. Many still do. (Thankfully, there have also been the Raunchy Rookies series, X Fights, Motel Madness - especially the more daring UK editions - and Wrestle Shack at BG East and, more recently, MuscleBoy Wrestling.)

Match 586 trades off self-aware campy innuendo and shades of the homosexual villains of Hollywood. What's refreshing is that Erik is not oblivious to the erotic nature of Nero's overtures. He knowingly participates in the fantasy - Nero's and mine - with no reservations. The match is both a legit contest and a fantasy. The sport and athleticism are not lost in the erotic romp (or vice versa). 

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