Pretty in Pain 3

It's a hard life when you're at the wrong end of an ass-whooping. This is the third in a series of GIFs in praise of the sufferers in pro wrestling. (I posted the first in the series in October, following up with a holiday special in December.) Sometimes the prettily tormented escape and turn the tables on their tormentors. More often than not, they get ground down into the canvas, mere grease stains on the treacherous path to wrestling glory. I particularly like screamers, especially blond ones, especially blond screamers who sweat buckets. But let's not forget the brutes who make them suffer. Though only parenthetical in the captions below, the names Trevor Lee, Chris Tyler, Justin Wylde, Josh Daniels, David Starr, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, and Zack Sabre Jr. have a lot of clout in my house.

Andy Poole (vs Tommy Oliver)

Danny Matthews (vs Brandon Collins)

Stephen Murphy (vs Brandon Collins)

Andrew Everett (vs Trevor Lee)

Ashley Dunn (vs Chris Tyler)

Tyler Bate (vs Ash Draven)

Péter Tihanyi (vs Justin Wylde) 

Alexander James (vs Josh Daniels)

Kevin Bennett (vs JT Dunn)

Tony Stewart (vs Kid McCoy)

TJ Perkins (vs Scorpio Sky)

Louis Napoleon (vs David Starr)

Liam Slater (vs Primate)

Dave Dutra (vs Brian Cage)

Tom Zenk (vs Greg "The Hammer" Valentine)

Travis Banks (vs Zack Sabre Jr.)

Evgeniy (vs Serge)

Michael Chase (vs Damian O'Connor)

Jesse Vane (vs Anthony Nese)

Jessie Godderz (vs Mahabai Shera)


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  2. This is an excellent list!
    I swear that there are some matches were Tyler Bate gets beaten up so bad that it looks like he's crying ...
    he's either selling his ass off or this is what happens to vegetarians "in the ring" ... ;)


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