Red Trunks, Blue Trunks

Squashkid Brighton vs Grapplelad123

Evidently this is a Bulldog Wrestling UK match. It's not on one of the DVDs I bought before BW UK closed up shop several years ago, so all I have is the scarce information the Mat Baskin channel shares on YouTube. My dick loves this fight. My brain wants to know more about Squashkid and Grapplerlad - I don't even know which one is which. While the match is weak on its segues between punishments, the punishments alone pack quite a lot of heat. The blue trunks dominates most of the battle, the red trunks getting a hope spot just before the match ends. The blue trunks' minute attention to the red trunks' pain and suffering is what mostly does the trick for me. My brain would like whatever information readers of this blog can share in the comments section below. My dick gets all it wants from the blue trunks' perfunctory sadism.


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