Flash LaCash vs Zip Zarella, Backbusters 1 (BG East)

I was less than enthusiastic about Zarella's vampire gimmick at last month's Wrestling with Pride, but thankful he didn't go full-throttle Gangrel with it. Damages to my respect for the guy were minimal. From where I sat, the whole gimmick consisted of the black cape, right? Or did I miss something?

I'm not at all opposed to Zip as a sinister type - but more Patrick Bateman than Lestat de Lioncourt. From the first time I saw him, I've viewed him as a potential successor to the Lane Hartley mantle. He has the smug, self-satisfied smirk, obviously, and as he showed in his first matches against Royce Perry and Joey King, he's got a well-honed instinct for destruction. And given my taste for comeuppance, it seems only right that somebody should eventually take him down, and given his closeness to Zarella in height and weight, Flash LaCash strikes me as a perfect man for the job.

I only wish that Zip had had more opportunity to establish himself as a bona-fide terror in the ring before somebody cut him down to size. Surely there are plenty enough rookies and lightweights for an overweening, cocksure-of-himself villain to dismember before he's demoted to paper tiger status! 

That said, LaCash vs Zarella is a fine squash job that, with more notches on Zip's belt, might have given me goosebumps. It is, as advertised, a cavalcade of backbusting moves splendidly performed by Flash and dramatically sold by Zip. The role of reckoner is an excellent fit for Flash, a man who intimidates without a lot of huffing and puffing. The wrestlers' short exchange of words at the start of the match suggests that LaCash has built a reputation for himself as a hard case at BG East and beyond. Understandably, Zip shows some trepidation at the prospect of fighting the guy. And the notion of having one's back busted in the squared circle is both daunting and hellishly vivid. Moreover, Flash has the face and physique to suggest he can execute the task quite literally.

As it should, the storyline here works well enough on its own. But the next time I watch this match (and there will be a next time soon), I'm putting on my imagination cap and envisioning a prequel in which Zip first cuts short ten or so young rookies' dreams of BG East fame and glory, the most recent being a LaCash protege.

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  1. I like your point about "envisioning a prequel". I am glad we have the ability to use our imaginations to add our own backstories, character connections, and other plot points... sometimes that helps me take a match up several notches in how it pushes my buttons.

    Zip Zarella is such a beautiful young man, and if you follow him on social media, he reveals a fun and quirky personality to friends and fans. I'm glad to see him working with BGEast and hope to see much more of him from them and/or other video production companies. While he is great as a smirky, cocky heel type, I really did enjoy seeing him get stretched and punished.

  2. Zip bears a remarkable resemblance to porn star Sebastian Kross. Envisioning Kross in sex mode while watching Zip adds a fillip to both the wrestling and the porn.

    I'm disappointed that BGE diminished his appeal with a premature loss. So many promotions do this to their most promising talents too often. I hope they give him a "come back."


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