The Tat Offensive

Stevie Fierce vs Anthony Henry, Freelance Is Home - 9 February 2018 (Freelance Wrestling)

Don't like tats or dirty wrestling? Don't watch this match. Splendidly tattooed and extravagantly vicious, Fierce and Henry know how to use the ropes and their boots to thrill a crowd. I've often expressed my preference for long-drawn-out holds, mostly because of the eroticism of extended body contact, but this match has shaken my conviction. Sheer kinetic energy propels this stunning match, where one piledriver follows fast on the heels of the last and the wrestlers' boots keep the squared circle rumbling and roaring. Now my tastes might admit a concatenation of body slams and jaw-dropping reversals in place of interminable sweaty clenches. And now more than ever Chicago looks like the place to be for live wrestling shows. 

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