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Justin Wylde vs Péter Tihanyi, Vendetta 2018 - 4 March 2018 (Hungarian Championship Wrestling)

My pal Jim in Nashville says of six-foot Hungarian wrestle-stud Justin Wylde, "A man that fucking hot had to be a heel. To the core. Only a preposterously beautiful and cold-blooded Russian could take him down. And I'd stand on line in a Moscow December to witness that." If I had the money, Jim, I'd be booking the flight for the two of us, instead of writing this post.

Earlier this month Wylde faced off against former partner Péter Tihanyi in Budapest. It's a good fight, but the real star is Justin's face and body as filtered through a theatrical heel vitality. He's so handsome it hurts, but it's the attitude that elevates him above the typical hotshot young heel. Take, for instance, that bow he performs around the 08:20 mark - worthy of a Baryshnikov ... or a Gorgeous George. 

Like all great heels, too, Wylde oversteps at the end of this match, antagonizing six-foot-two Renegade, seated at the ringside commentators' table. Trouble erupts, trouble that only a topnotch provocateur could generate. Justin is recklessly cavalier in taunting the bigger and more experienced wrestler and pays a price for it.

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    1. You're welcome. Don't miss the multitude of matches from HCW Underground on YouTube. Lots of good and often brutal stuff. And a lot of hot wrestlers. (And you don't even have to understand Hungarian!)

  2. Thanks. I have had a very enjoyable first day of spring, thanks to your introduction to HCW. Have you watched the match between Justin and the big guy at HCW Vendetta 2018 ?
    It's interesting how they set up what must certainly follow, involving hottie Boldo Brown, who again saves Justin from destruction.

  3. I love it when Skull Island and its readers turn me on to wrestling “Leagues” that I may not encounter otherwise and HCW Underground is a keeper.

    This match was awesome … Justin is the star of course, and I would have thought that Péter Tihanyi was too smelt for my tastes, but after the match and witnessing his work, Péter will do just fine. Thanks to Skull Island and “Jim in Nashville” … !


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