Bad Blood

Dylan Drake vs AJ Kirsch, 5 June 2010, Pacifica, California (Fog City Wrestling)

Jim in Nashville has a good feel for what I like. "I suspect you'll dig the hell out of it," he said, speaking of this match he sent me last week (links here and here). It has some of my favorite ingredients:
  1. in-your-face staring contest before the bell sounds
  2. fit, good-looking antagonists
  3. former tag partners (though only briefly) now at odds with each other
  4. an arrogant heel - so arrogant, in fact, that his ring moniker is "Arrogant" AJ Kirsch
  5. a long and writhing lock up (Kirsch and Drake stay locked up even as they roll out of the ring and onto the cold concrete floor)
  6. rough handling, punches, and kicks
  7. sweat
  8. the opportunity to parade one's agony before the first-row ticket-holders
  9. a coward dragged back to the ring after attempting to escape his just deserts
  10. in the end, the slimeball gets what's coming to him

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