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Elite Eliot vs Tiko, Florida Fights 7: After the Show! (BG East)

One of BG East's soon-to-be-released DVDs focuses on the ring and mat matches that were shot the week of the Wrestling with Pride show in February. This one features two of the surefire revelations of the live show, Tiko and Elite Eliot, and it's available currently as video-on-demand at The Arena @BGEAST. Both come to BGE with ring experience, though Eliot's is probably the more familiar face to readers of this blog.

Bodies get a lot of attention at Skull Island, but Eliot has one of the most perfect faces for wrestling I've seen. It's like scientists built it out of a schoolyard bully's sneer, adding a nose just begging for a busting and eyes as sharp and unsympathetic as any predatory animal's. Even if he hid his body in a choir robe, Eliot's face would make me want to wrestle the guy. The tousled haircut is perfect. That chin looks like it's meant to attract some jabs, too. Tiko's face, by contrast, shows a lot of stress, especially when it's clamped between Eliot's thighs. The shock of magenta over his forehead suggests the right amount of punk attitude to mark him out as a man who might welcome a spot of trouble.

"They call me Elite, but you can call me Eliot." Eliot's chummy let's-get-acquainted banter lulls Tiko into a false sense of security.  Eliot even has the guy thinking they could be tag-team partners, a second before the heel attacks him from behind. You might be able to fool Tiko, hurt him, or defeat him, but you can't make him cower. Even as Eliot paralyzes him in a chinlock, Tiko looks agonized but unintimidated. He nearly succeeds in prying Eliot's hands off his face, but then Eliot reapplies the lock with added force, asking, "Too much for you?" Stoically, and through clenched teeth, Tiko growls, "Not  ... Even  ... Close!"

Five minutes into the 24-minute contest, Tiko strikes back, but it's a short-lived gesture that Eliot mocks by scissoring the man's waist and nonchalantly reclining with his hands clasped behind his head. Then, to Eliot's surprise, Tiko muscles his way loose from the hold and clamps Elite into a side headlock. Eliot struggles to his feet, pulling Tiko up with him, but Tiko immediately forces his shoulders back to the mat with a spinning headlock takedown. Elite writhes, grunts, and thrashes, but Tiko has a tight grip. After much struggling and pleading, Elite ends the hope spot with a head-scissors and arm bar combination.

What I love most about this fight are the tight, labored clenches, punctuated with staccato slams to the mat and turnbuckle, and long-drawn, sadistic intervals as Elite looms over Tiko, just to watch him squirm beneath his boot. The subplot of Tiko's stoic perseverance complements Eliot's arrogant acts of aggression. Elite relies heavily (and stunningly) on head- and body-scissor holds and his brutishness dazzles all the way to and through a multilevel spine-busting finisher.

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