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Elliott Paul vs Pat Monix vs Arik Cannon vs Kenny Sutra vs Kevin Park vs Rob Matter (Six Man Scramble), The Hammer of Dawn - 11 Feb. 2017 (Freelance Wrestling)

Thanks to Bob - I got to meet him in person at the Wrestling with Pride event in Florida - for sending me this clip of Elliott Paul in action. Elite Eliot definitely held something back from us fans in Fort Lauderdale, but luckily this peek at a match from last year in Chicago preserves what had to be a highlight of the evening. None of the key players in these GIFs - Elliott, Pat Monix (in white trunks), and Arik Cannon (in long tights) - won the scramble match, but nobody can say they weren't memorable. Ultimately, Rob Matter was the victor. It's probably just a happy coincidence that Bottom Lounge is the name of the venue.

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  2. Elliot Paul is such a beautiful, confident man.

  3. Thanks so much for capturing these GIFs! Unfortunately it looks like YouTube removed the video, but at least I can get a taste of the hotness here.


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