Championship Material

Angel faces his second challenger since winning the championship belt late last year. Like the first challenger, Jayden has not topped most people's lists of most likely next champs. Sure, he looks good and fights like a superstar, catching on to the UCW wolf-boy ethos in his first appearance. But is he ready to climb to the top of the ladder? Some will say he's still too green, but UCW has built a reputation on wrestlers who have come out of nowhere (and Mayne hardly came "out of nowhere") and rebuilt the company in their own image - to say nothing of UCW's partiality for underdogs. But does Mayne have a personality befitting a wrestling champ? Not the traditional wrestling champ, that much is certain, but have any of the company's past champs fit the traditional model?

Angel is a tough nut to crack for any challenger, despite his skinniness, despite his inability to take anything or anyone seriously - not even his own safety and well-being. The guy who eventually strips him of the title will pay a high price for the victory. Angel's about as vicious and shrewd a wrestler as UCW has seen. The next champ is going to need some mighty big nuts to pry the belt out of Angel's fingers. Let's not forget that eight years ago Angel introduced himself to UCW fans with a flying dropkick to Joker's face! That for goddamn sure turned my head back in the day. The fire of Jayden vs Angel is at times hellacious, a battle whose outcome remains uncertain up to its climactic strangulation finisher!

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