Dirty Blonds

Austin Tyler vs Leo Luckett, Catalog 7 - The Muscle Boys Get Dirty! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Leo, one of the best jobbers I've seen for selling "the agony of defeat," leaps to center stage and into the spotlight with this battle against pro-ring dynamo Austin. It's a turf war with Leo more than a little put off by Austin's presumptuous attitude. This is Austin's second turn at MuscleBoy, and now he thinks he owns the place. Leo tells him, "There's only room for one pretty blond." "Sorry to step on your toes," Austin replies, "but it's kinda my house now." The two agree to throwdown for territorial rights - Leo having put in enough time at MuscleBoy to claim the mat as his, Austin newly arriving with an enthusiastic fan base already in tow.

I wouldn't go so far as to call this "true 50/50 back and forth wrestling action," to quote the MBW Catalog 7 copy. The deck's strongly stacked in Tyler's favor  - he's bigger, heavier, more experienced, more confident. And for the first half of this 30-minute brawl, Tyler's deeds make a strong case for his ownership of not only the MBW fight-space but Luckett's ass too. But right at the point that Austin is comfortable using Leo's face for a speed bag, Luckett forcibly changes his luck by forearm-smashing the cocky superstar's scrotum. This turn gives impetus to the give and take brawl that carries us all the way to the finisher- a piledriver followed by a crotch-to-crotch (or butt-to-face) three-count roll-up.

Both wrestlers appear comfortable in their sexual appeal, but they feel no need to flaunt it in this match. Attitude, not nudity, makes the fight erotic. (For me, given my kink, nearly any good fight is going to be erotic.) The wrestlers steer clear of even sexual innuendo in their banter. But a blond-on-blond battle will carry a certain level of heat all on its own, all the more so when the bodies are as close to 10s as Luckett's and Tyler's. 

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