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Movimus's free-for-view match for April 2018 is one of the best in its NHB-Battle archives, a rematch between the ideally paired Connor (in blue trunks) and Brax (in white). The two fought each other three times in contests that ranged from occasionally playful to predominantly fierce. This battle, the middle one, is my favorite and the strongest, in my opinion, with Braxton doggedly determined to make up for a loss to Flynn earlier in 2010.

I'm a sucker for Donnie's soulful eyes, but Connor is the man I root for. Connor is a wrestler's wrestler, scientific, fearless, intense, aggressive. Everything about him shouts "I love to dominate." The combination of his slim build, good looks, and appetite for roughhouse is perfect for mat wrestling. (In his early thirties now, Flynn is due for a comeback, I think. I'd find it hard to believe he would ever have given up wrestling, so my guess is he's in terrific shape.)

A second match is always better than the first simply because it takes one trial run before two wrestlers know the other guy's body as well as his own. The fight goes for six falls, with Flynn taking an early lead. Over 29 minutes, Brax and Connor wear each other down, but neither lets up even a little. To the very end each man puts up his best fight, never losing focus, never losing their fire.

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