Grudge Match

Dylan Bostic vs Ace Perry, Snake Bit (Premier Championship Wrestling)

I'm reasonably sure this is a grudge match shot in Cleveland this past February. Dylan was a babyface when I first crushed on him eight years ago. Two years ago Ace entered my radar as a teen hero and natural crowd pleaser. Both have since partaken of the forbidden fruit of heelery, with Ace often playing both sides of the fence. Last year, Ace beat Dylan and five other guys to become Welterweight Wrestling's first WW title holder. The more experienced Dylan has never forgiven him for that. The two men face each other again this coming Sunday in a street-fight match, courtesy of WW.

I love the wow moments in this PCW match, which intensify as the contest nears its end. And just the words grudge match  make my heart skip a beat. But I especially like the moments of corner contact (in the first two GIFs): this sort of thing first ignited my love of ring wrestling - the Big Bang of all my other wrestling kinks. Ace and Dylan also know that one of the best uses of a wrestling ring is to ignore its boundaries and take the battle outside the ropes (GIF #3). I would have appreciated more slow stretches like the one Dylan applies in the fourth GIF, but punches, kicks, and slams  also provide the thrills I look to pro wrestling to provide.

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