Ian vs Ian

Ian Greene vs Ian Levine, Catalog 7 - The Muscle Boys Get Dirty (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Ian Greene, in green, is the hairy-chested hottie with the party-punk stylings - think Daniel Day-Lewis in Laundrette, but with a crowning chest tattoo. Right off, he looks the tougher of the two, though twice Ian Levine puts up a brief yet convincing counter-attack before Greene claims his unrestricted alpha rights to Levine's body.

The Ians don't seem particularly interested in wrestling anyway. By the time I figure out who's Greene and who's Levine, the combat portion of the video is over. These muscle boys are in a rush to get dirty, which is precisely what the catalog's slogan promises. The wrestling holds, closed-fist punches, and ball-slams take up slightly more than the first half of the 32-minute video. Then Greene boldly proceeds to plug himself into Levine's easily persuadable orifices.

What sells the rough play and rough sex is the expressiveness of Ian Levine's face - pained and ecstatic at the same time. Even before it's absolutely clear who will be the dominant force, Levine's sells make me hope he never gets the upper hand. I can't get enough of his pained, breathy, yet seemingly insatiable moans. Greene is highly capable as man in command. While I don't think there's anything here I haven't seen before, Greene's cockmanship has style and self-assurance.

Of course, me being me, I would have liked more heated aggression. The combat:lust ratio is not exactly what I've come to expect of MuscleBoy, but then I would also hate to see the promotion reduce itself to a mere formula. Variety and surprise are inherently good qualities in online wrestling, and the Ians make a striking debut here, whetting my appetite for their future MBW appearances. Sooner, I hope, than later.

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  1. Wait until you see both of these boys next MBW matches! Both do amazingly well in their next ones *(those vids will be released in the next catalog).

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