Justice vs Blayne, Mat Rats 96 (Thunder's Arena)

"You're better at rubbing on me than wrestling me." So Justice tells Blayne about three-quarters of the way through this match. It's a livelier fight than the one I blogged on yesterday, but the quip may speak to the fact that, so far, Thunder's Arena has not given Justice the challenging wrestling match he yearns for and deserves.

To be sure, Blayne's deviousness and low blows provide a neat counterbalance to J's brawn and combat training. The "lightweight" puts up a feisty resistance. And by rubbing against Justice's monumental muscle, he is acting out at least one fan's daydream. The high point for me is a series of full nelsons that Justice breaks loose of as soon as he decides to. By this point, both bodies are gleaming with sweat, adding fuel and lubrication to the body contact.

Given Justice's MMA background and evident desire for a good, hard fight, I hope to see him in tougher, rougher competition soon - perhaps in the ring against somebody like Bart or Brute. This match, though, is a classic in its own right. Blayne is as easy on the eyes as Justice is - and he holds his own against the big guy, though often by less than sporting means.

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