"Speedball" Mike Bailey vs Travis Banks, Deep Six (RIPTIDE Wrestling)

This February 2 match in Brighton is an all-around stunner from the dramatic Sinatra-in-Vegas lighting to the smooth tracking shots that create a sense of moment, to the crisp, expressionistic editing of shots, to, obviously, one hell of a brawl executed and 100-percent sold by Bailey and Banks. Kicking, slapping, punching, colliding are the most apparent motifs in a fight that surges out of the ring and through the stupefied crowd and then returns to mat, ropes, and turnbuckles for the brutal second half. So many things are right about this polished fight video that it's hard to single out any one element that stands out among the rest. The effect is cinematic, showing the potential of wrestling to absorb multiple art and performance forms to create a Gesamtkunstwerk  or "all-encompassing work of art." Thanks again to Jim in Nashville for directing me to this boisterous gem of unstinting virility and aggression.


  1. This intense match reminds me of the legendary Ricochet vs Will Ospreay fight. But in this match Banks and Bailey sell their pain better. You can feel their struggle. And the ringside camerawork is excellent too. It's like a movie, something similar to what Davey Richards and Silas Young did a few years ago ( I love all the suplexes that Bailey gives to Banks. They are just brutal. Thanks to Jim and you for sharing this top-notch match.


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