Chad Daniels vs Jett Bentley vs Chase Lundquist, The Golden Guys: 3-Way Melee (88Wrestling)

Usually suspicious of any deviation from singles competition, I have to admit this three-way won me over in a matter of seconds, solidifying my respect for 88Wrestling's second catalog, which has demonstrated a marked improvement over the first. The three men gunning for each other in the squared circle are Chase, Jett, and Chad, As the catalog description describes the trio, Chase (in blue) is the Greek god of the group, Jett (in red) is the new kid on the block and the definition of definition, and Chad (in chartreuse and pink) is the big guy at 6'2", 195#. Chad's also the "old-timer," the only one of the three with roots in Rock Hard Wrestling

The match is every man for himself. The ensuing chaos requires each man to assess each new situation quickly or, failing that, act on instinct alone. Chase and Chad focus their attention on the newcomer, whose ass is not so easily kicked as they first think. Sometimes they take each other on just to get their paws on Jett. Cooperation, when it occurs, is fleeting and erratic, more a question of momentary opportunism than teamwork. Eventually one man is eliminated, and the match proceeds as a traditional one-on-one contest. 

Chase has a world-weariness and self-possession in his countenance that draw my eye. The beard suggests mature virility. I like his wispy treasure trail too - one of nature's sweetest invitations. (I secretly hoped - against hope - that Lundquist would kick Andrews' butt last month.) Chad's meaty physicality, on top of a shaggy surfer vibe, makes him immediately likable. I keep waiting for Jett's rambunctiousness to kick in, yet he plays the naif here with affecting sincerity. I love the way all three men stalk each other in the first round. There's something primal about it that raises the hairs on the back of my neck.

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