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Nick Flex vs Tommy Doyle, Catalog 7 - The Muscle Boys Get Dirty (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Almost eclipsed by Aryx Quinn in his debut, Tommy Doyle faces a comparable challenge in Nick Flex in the young hottie's second MuscleBoy match. MBW has decided (wisely, I think) to introduce him as a plaything for talented muscle-studs like Nick and Aryx to toss, bounce, grope, and clobber to their hearts' content. On one level, the excessively cheerful Doyle is gaining valuable experience he can parlay into a lively ring career of his own. On another level, Nick and Aryx offer hard lessons in the pecking order at MuscleBoy.  In the long run, it's better for Tommy to learn the ways of the world and have his ego checked on a regular basis. Here he takes a hard bump every 40 seconds or so and survives. That's a lesson in itself, and Tommy knows his place, letting Flex be the match's impetus.

This is not necessarily the strongest showcase for Flex's abilities. For sheer wrestling pleasure, the fight I want to see is Nick vs Aryx. (If MuscleBoy includes Tommy, chained to a ring post, as the victor's prize, I'm all right with that, too.)  Flex succeeds admirably in putting Tommy over as a wrestler and in showcasing the rookie's unspoiled beauty to maximum effect. I'm not sure Tommy would be half as interesting to me against a less competent or less charismatic heel. He has so far been lucky to be in the capable hands of Quinn and Flex - and, in return, Tommy enhances the scenery immeasurably.

Perhaps Doyle needs to face Austin Tyler next - or Justin Powers - or Gabriel Cross - or Corey "Badger Boy" Turner. These are wrestlers who can not only put some shine on the kid's wrestling creds but also teach him valuable lessons in ring theatrics. I sense Tommy's potential for future superstardom - but he must learn some more holds and maybe reduce the big smiles by half. In the meantime, his boyish beauty makes excellent target practice for virile bruisers like Nick Flex.

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