A Good Roughing Up

Ethan Slade vs Jesse Zane, Catalog 7 - The Muscle Boys Get Dirty (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

I like aggressive body contact. That's not news to anybody, I guess. If this blog has a running theme, that is it. Headlocks, lateral presses, bear hugs, these are the things that first stirred my devotion to wrestling. I like punches and back flips and Irish whips and muscle poses, too, but if body doesn't press against body for at least one out of every three minutes, it's not wrestling in my book.

More than anybody I can think of, Jesse Zane has a natural feel for playing rough. He held me in a side headlock a few months ago - only for a photo, but its force and confidence impressed me just the same. In Catalog 7 he takes on Ethan Slade, It's their second time around, but this time they're competing in a wrestling ring instead of the MBW mat room.

There's no pretense that this is anything but a male mating ritual, which is what wrestling has always been. In the ancient world, grappling was the preferred means for men to get acquainted or catch up with each other after a period of separation. It's what we Sixties kids did during recess when we returned to school after summer break. Better than Twitter, I can tell you.

Ethan and Jesse are a fine match, similar in physique, strength, and durability. Jesse has skills that Ethan is just now beginning to learn, an inequality which both seem to acknowledge from the start. Zane asserts his alpha status as they lock up, pushing Slade to the ropes. Then pressing his crotch to Ethan's, he gives him a forceful kiss and a friendly slap on the face. 

Having been "practicing," Ethan is quick to turn the tables on Jesse, pushing him to the ropes, and when Jesse demands, "You better fucking give me a clean break," he feints a break and returns with a flurry of punches to the chest and abs. Pulling Jesse in by a handful of hair, he plants a wet kiss on the lips and then hurls him to the corner, where he smashes his shoulder to the midsection. Then he mounts the ropes to wipe his crotch against Zane's nose and lips.

There's more, but I doubt any of this is meant to do anything more than work Jesse up, giving him a taste of the prize he has in store if he's man enough to claim it. It seems to work. Jesse maintains control for most of the match's remainder, asserting his dominance one leg drop at a time. A head scissors and an elbow smash later, Jesse bears down on Ethan with a kiss. Nearly every hold and attack that follows ends in a kiss and some frisky frottage. Clearly Zane and Slade are fighting towards a goal far more interesting than a championship belt.

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