Dobbs vs Martin

You've seen longhair Jeremy (in light blue) before, last year wrestling Evan Turner. Of the two wrestlers here, he is the better prepared. Tanner (in black) has a stronger build, with especially strong legs, and his command of basic wrestling holds (if not fancier strategies) impresses even his opponent. The 21-minute match is interrupted by an injury, so it ends on a 2:1 score that both Tanner and Jeremy have promised to settle in the near future.

I prefer heavier wrestlers. I like the thump and grunts. I should get used to the state of things since we now live in "the Age of the Twink" according to the New York Times. To that I say, we have been in the Twink Ages since 1971. But Tanner and Jeremy are fierce - in a purely athletic sense (neither is big on theatrics, though Jeremy's hair is something of a scene-stealer). Tanner is my favorite. I'm partial to the aesthetics of '60s-Disney handsomeness even if it seldom draws my lust. More to the point, Tanner is an eager grappler, whose aforementioned legs keep Jeremy tied up for over 80 percent of the match. I expect big things of him in bouts to come.

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  1. I understand where you’re coming from on this for sure!
    Whether its in animation or a youngKurt Russell, I think that “'60s-Disney handsomeness” is an imprint I will never outgrow…
    … another imprint is (like yourself) the burley 'rasslers of the 60s-70s like Briscos and Funks and I gotta say, I hope this is one of the few areas that I hope the NY Times is proven wrong.

  2. your writing captured Tanner's essence, it would be great if Tanner sought out a more aggressive venue like UCW or Muscleboys, he has a great look that should be more fully explored.

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