Flynn vs O'Reilly

Parker Flynn vs Connor O'Reilly, Catalog 3 - Muscle Boys Dominate (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Going in, I figured this match would disappoint me, but I like both these guys, and I wanted to like this match. Connor has a great-looking torso, thighs, and ass, but he cannot sell wrestling holds for shit. Parker has to sell for both of them, and he puts his heart and soul into it.  I like Parker's strapping physique and bully good looks (he reminds me of Biff Farrell and Nathan Cruz without actually looking like either), and he makes dominating his opponent look like a touch-and-go struggle.  Connor has a lot to learn, and I have high hopes he is learning. Truth be told, this is only the second match of his I've blogged on (he has ten), so for all I know he's kicking ass and taking down names in the other eight - or at least managing a plausible grimace.

It's a relatively short match (18 minutes) with Parker doing all the work, but I see potential here and makings of wrestling fantasy. The beauty of the bodies outshines the drama of the wrestling, but I can settle for beauty so long as I know that's all I can expect to get. As in Connor's previous match, which I blogged on a year ago, his opponent is bigger, stronger, and fiercer and does all the heavy lifting. It's a squash job, not my favorite type of match, but one that's inevitable when one wrestler is cute as the dickens and has only two holds - head-scissors and schoolboy pin, neither especially convincing against a wrangler like Parker Flynn. Parker performed heel duty in his only other MBW match (vs Jesse Zane), on which I blogged earlier this year, but Zane brought finesse and facial expressions to his babyface role. A squash doesn't need more than 18 minutes to achieve its ends, which is maximum coverage of the jobber's hot body and lots of contact with heaving muscle. Flynn provides enough of both to get me to watch this contest (so far) three times.

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