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Shawn Duncan vs Kurtis Rivers (Movimus)

Shawn and Kurtis wrestle in thongs. A Movimus first, I'm told. MW asked me on Tuesday, right as the 25-minute video was added to the Movimus site, "Is it too distracting?" I am correct in thinking this can't be a serious question, right? The cheeky attire aside, a match between these two wrestlers is big news at my house. They are two of the best sub wrestlers on the company's roster, and due to the unfortunate dearth of adequate competition on the East Coast, these West Coast guys may be nudging Duke Russo, another killer on the mats, out of the spotlight. The ingredients being what they are, it's no surprise that this contest is Movimus's most exciting - in every sense - so far this year.

I would have thought these guys had been wrestling each other for years, so quick are their reflexes in responding to each other's attacks. They are all over each other. If it's possible for an individual to swarm, these guys swarm every inch of each other like bees. One guy no sooner gains an advantage or a fall than he is engulfed by the other, coming at him at twice the speed and twice the determination. Rivers seems to be the more effectual tactician, but Duncan provides more passion. Together they prove how much wrestling - all wrestling, not just professional wrestling - benefits from both spectacle and technique - and the thongs further accentuate the sport's physicality. This is no chess game.  Or at least it's hard to think of chess in the presence of these wrestlers' taut and kinetic bodies. Duncan vs Rivers is an eyeful and a pulse-quickener. These two almost certainly will be facing off again - soon, hopefully.

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  2. Agreed on all points, review and comment. This is a match that grabs you in the gut. And doesn't let go. The pleasure is the pain, and vice versa. Great stuff.


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