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Erik the Viking vs Chase Michaels, Match 597 - UCW Boxing (UCW)

Talk about a delicious setup. Chase and Erik are slated for a boxing match in the UCW ring. Neither man has training in boxing. Their fight styles are what might politely be called wild and woolly. Rumor has it that in real life, these guys are embroiled in a heated feud. Thus, midway through the video, as expected and ardently hoped for, the men abandon gloves and rules (and, temporarily, ref) and flat-out beat the crap out of each other. 

I find both these guys hot, and hot guys destroying each other has long been my definition of entertainment. In fact, now that Jayden Mayne is persona non grata at UCW, Erik and Chase are fast becoming my favorite wrestlers on the roster. Add to all that the class differences implicit in their grooming - Chase's meticulously trimmed beard vs Erik's stringy mop-top translates, for me, as privileged elites vs enraged proletariat - and it's a perfect release valve for both my sexual tensions and my frustrations over class and wealth inequality. 

Stuck in the middle of all this, Ref Ernie is valiant (if fruitless) in his attempts to impose order on this chaos. At one point he's knocked out. At another both fighters heave him out of the ring. At least he returns in time to call the decisive kayo, which is beauteous. 

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  2. Love this match. Love the fighters. Love the concept.

    1. Yeah, I love the concept too - more fighting is awesome. I'd prefer an MMA match with MMA gloves than these large boxing gloves. Wish these video production companies would let the wrestlers/fighters just battle it out.


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