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Muscle Beast vs Stefan, Paris Rough House War 3 (Wrestlingmale)

The new Paris-based wrestling site Wrestlingmale, c'est magnifique! I say this on the strength of this one match - actually two contests in one - and the overall beauty and functionality of the website, in French. It's a fun browse even if you don't purchase anything. The descriptions in the roster ("Acteurs") feature photos, links to matches, stats, and salient characteristics of the wrestlers - for American wrestler Stefan, a familiar face for fans of Thunder's Arena, BG East, and MuscleBoy, we're told he's extroverted, prone to exhibitionism, fair in competition, vain, vicious, humble, and brave, as each new situation requires.

German heel Muscle Beast (6'3" 231#) vs Florida stud Stefan (5'9" 207#) consists of two mouthwatering confrontations between the two beefy and strongly aggressive wrestlers. I had difficulty downloading the hi-def version of this match, which stops about three-quarters of the way through, but the lower def version looks just great, as indicated in the unenhanced screen grabs above. Their first match is more or less a get-acquainted match, featuring arm wrestling and what I call actual  wrestling. They also engage in an iron-man battle for the championship belt, the winner being the man who scores the most submissions in 20 minutes. 

The atmospheric production values are fresh and astounding. The pristine and austere setting, mostly white, slate-gray, and black, focuses our attention on the flesh and muscle tones of the competitors. The dramatic use of high and low angles and closeups pulls the viewer into the action, as does the high quality of sound recording. Paris War 3  felt like a more immersive experience than most stateside wrestling sites provide. In US dollars the download was $32.93 for 26 minutes of beefy goodness. I'm already determined to be a return customer come next payday. The wrestlers vary in size and physique, and the roster includes wrestlers familiar to fans of BGE, Krushco, Thunder's, MBW, and UCW ... and then there's Muscle Beast - my bleeding Christ, what a man!

Visit Wrestlingmale here.


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  2. Just bout Slade vs Etienne it was fucking hot brutal intense 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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