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Austin Tyler vs Tyson the Hammer vs Axel vs Miles vs Erik the Viking, Match 600 - 5-Man Submission Gauntlet (UCW)

Hard to believe UCW's in its ninth year. The count seems both too big and too small. But, oh, the talent that has come and gone and come and stayed over the years. Because the company's first release was numbered as Match 101, the newly released Match 600 marks UCW's 500th wrestling video release. (This is my 316th posting on UCW, so Ringside at Skull Island has chronicled over half of the company's history, and almost 1 out of every 10 Skull Island posts has featured UCW. What a wild ride it's been for wrestlers and fans alike!)

In celebration of its 500th video, UCW's latest release is a five-man gauntlet match with Austin and Tyson starting the ball rolling and Axel, Miles, and Erik making staggered entrances till all five are in the ring by the midpoint. Then as man by man the wrestlers tap out, the herd thins, and for the final four minutes we are left with two men in the ring, with only one man left unsubmitted at the close. Ref Ernie does his best to control the frenzied and sometimes comical chaos, but, UCW being UCW, there's really only so much a man can do.

I wish UCW all the best in its next 500 matches. When Match 101 came out, nobody could foresee the company's present importance in the underground wrestling universe, yet the years of change and growth were all the product of Michael "Bodyslam" Tovar's and Axel's combined vision. The recent addition of the ring, for instance, has been a goal from the beginning. Where the company will be when it releases Match 1100, who can even guess?

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