Boys Will Beat Boys

Axel vs Chase Michaels, Match 601 - Body Worship 3, Lost Video collection (UCW)

Barely ten minutes into this 31-minute tour de force, and I can't stop the hard. In Match 601, UCW proves that it can be as hot and randy as any of its competitors. Thank you to whoever custom-ordered this match -  and thank you, too, to Chase and Axel for putting your hearts and cocks into a match that foregrounds biting, hair-pulling, gut abuse,  bondage, and budding romance. Yet, for all the flagrant acts of seduction, UCW's house style of balls-to-the-wall roughhouse and rule-free bodily assaults is in no way diminished.

Chase has long been an object of my lust, and Body Worship 3  demonstrates that the bedroom eyes are no mere accident of birth. The guy's passion digs into the flesh, his heart and soul immersed in the act of vanquishing Axel and all but swallowing him whole, anaconda style. But Axel is the revelation here, his dark lusts seeking satisfaction no less in overcoming Chase than in possessing him wholly. Watching this turn in his screen persona is like watching a former Disney child star in a sweaty S&M thriller. Axel's wholesome image is shattered to bits, and what a crackerjack job he makes of its destruction!

True, the romance stops short of penetration, ejaculation, or even full frontal nudity, but I don't think the bang could be any bangier than it is. Nothing has revved me up as quickly as this match did, and that is the match's real and utter surprise. I did not think UCW had the ballsiness for this sort of thing, but here it is, delivered with passion and full of the brutal mystique of male-to-male attraction.

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  1. Your welcome, I've been touching myself to this custom for almost 2 years now


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