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Jesse Zane vs Steve Tanner, Catalog 1 - Muscle Boy Throwdown (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Recently I've found enough exceptions to my claim "I usually don't go for big-vs-little matches" that I'm starting to suspect I do go for big-vs-little matches in a very big way. Case in point, this match pitting 5'5" 140-pounder Jesse against 5'10" 210-pounder Steve. Even more surprising, the littler guy prevails over the bigger guy for most of the match - and I don't mind that at all.

Jesse lets his alpha status be known from the start, when he tells Steve off for arriving late to the MBW mat room. Steve stretches his arms up over his head and says he doesn't care how long Zane has waited. But Jesse's proprietary pats to the muscle-boy's butt all but settle the question of who is going to be the boss here, and who, the bitch.

The subsequent test of strength would suggest otherwise, however. Unsurprisingly, it gives the momentum to Steve, who subjects Jesse to a string of punishments from bear hug to head-scissors, all strongman holds that testify to the power of brawn. There's no shortage of muscle on Tanner, big suntanned muscle that makes him look like a combination of wrestler, astronaut, secret agent, big game hunter, and coach.

Jesse perseveres, and eight minutes later he's in command and, even eight minutes after that, shows no signs of abdicating his position on top. His rear naked choke is taken right out of the Triumphant Little Guy Handbook, but many of the holds - stretches, cradles, and camel clutches - are the kinds of assaults I usually associate with bigger grapplers. That Zane executes them with force and conviction proves the guy indeed has balls of iron.

As the wrestling progresses, both men lose their trunks, revealing jockstraps underneath. In the end, the loser is stripped of even his strap. For me, the real turn-on is watching Zane scale the full length of Tanner's  physique, reining the big guy in, and laying some hurt on him. The tough featherweight clearly relishes bossing the heavyweight, and, let me tell you, his pleasure is infectious.

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  1. FYI, for all the muscle boy fans, this was literally our first day of filming (which was quite a looong time ago) and we fixed the lighting issue right after this match was filmed!


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