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Aspen vs Ian Greene, Catalog 8 - Muscle Boys Clash! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

There's nothing prissy or coy about Aspen vs Greene. From the start we are in full-blown Tom of Finland territory, as the two men introduce themselves, doing what they know best, sucking face and cock. Then, after glutting themselves on the pleasures of flesh and muscle, they progress to the wrestling portion of the program, which, in time, turns into a right proper butt-fuck. No teasing. No arched eyebrows. Just hard rod and silky pink hole.

After topping Ian Levine in his MBW debut, Greene is now eager to submit to a leather daddy. Aspen, also in his second appearance for MuscleBoy, shows up in half hood, harness, trunks, and boots, perfection in full dungeon-master gear. One long passionate kiss, and Greene drops to his knees, ready to service the new boss. Aspen accepts the blond's lavish attention. Then, a third of the way into the video, he decides he would prefer to fight for what the handsome blond is offering for free.

Ian and Aspen make me proud to be a man. The turbulent animal passion is well played and, while relatively sweat-free, packed with heat. It's all the more thrilling for me because, against Levine, Ian had already proved himself a confident wrestler and capable top. His slavish humiliation at the hands of Aspen is a satisfying display of macho competition and comradely rough play. Having honed his technique against Gabriel Cross, the shorter but heftier Aspen is a firm yet attentive commander with a paralyzing grip. 

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