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Gold Shaft vs Drake Marcos, Masked Mayhem 13 (BG East)

Drake Marcos occupies a unique position among BG East regulars. He is the company's Everyman, as the catalog description says - he's both wrestler and starstruck wrestling fan, both agonized sufferer and comic foil, both mischief-maker and innocent victim. He might be the best "actor" on the company's roster ... ever. He is memorable not so much for his wrestling skills - which he undoubtedly has - as for the complicated emotions he stirs in fans. He's about as real  as a BGE wrestler gets. There's a natural, unforced quality about his emotions on the mat. Sometimes, as in moments of this match, they are uncomfortably authentic.

Can a wrestler's suffering be too real? While ordinarily glib in his affect, when tormented Drake sometimes reminds me of Georges Bataille's transcendent but viscerally horrifying 1989 book The Tears of Eros, in which the faces of torture victims appear simultaneously in shock and at the height of a beatific orgasm. The faces have gone numb - having reached the limit of human endurance and risen to a point of mystical climax. Imagine 2008's shock-flick Martyrs ... but with skin. Take, for instance, the second photo above, in which Marcos seems to have run out of air to breathe. It's a performance ... but a performance that, at moments, raises goosebumps. 

Such agonized euphoria is one of the cornerstones of kink wrestling's eroticism. It's evident in varying degrees at a variety of underground wrestling sites. I think immediately of Chase Michaels at UCW and Lucien (of years gone by) at Krushco. Arguably some wrestlers may be as good as Drake at representing it, but none are better than he is. Certainly none are as gifted as he in transitioning from smug comic relief to a death-mask of ass-fucked impassivity.

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