Elite Eliot vs Nathan FX, Military Men (Wrestler4Hire)

I grew up on U.S. military bases. I was born overseas and spent the first 15 years of my life moving to a new state or country every two or three years. I have no home town, but when I meet someone in the military or an ex military brat like me, it feels a little like I'm meeting somebody from home. 

In my teens I sometimes hung with soldiers not much older than I was. I never wanted to enlist. I lack a military mindset, and to an extent I felt I'd already served. That said, the blowhard Sgt. Slaughter gimmick never appealed to me, but ordinary GIs, earnest, amenable, and fit, are gods to me. 

Unconsciously, I adopted soldiers' sick sense of humor, their casual sadism, and their slack table manners. Even now I often wear fatigue green and khaki in honor of a masculinity that still moves me, even though it's not a part of who I am. The image of Elite Eliot in camo briefs no doubt stirs feelings for a lot of wrestling fans - but, for me, it's also attached to childhood nostalgia.

This W4H video does what you expect it to do. Eliot barks out commands to Nathan and finds excuses to beat up on the recruit. For the most part, Nathan does what he's told to do, and when he balks, Elite gets on his ass with exaggerated rage. It's a familiar sado-masochistic fantasy that's not far from the reality of military life.

I admire Nathan's swimmer's build, but Elite's regular-guy fitness - with a little tummy, no less - is a true turn-on. The way he bullies Nathan is seductive, although I'd prefer seeing him as the helpless underdog or as Nathan's buddy as the two practice hand-to-hand combat. Elite's face is classic bully-boy sexy, the cow-licky hair, thin upper lip, and pug nose especially, so his escalating aggression is underscored by his looks. 

He's a terrific performer. There's an amused quality to Eliot's sadism that's, knowingly or not, close to the spirit of a lot of the GIs I have known - and still encounter as students in my classroom.

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