Kid Karisma vs Ty Alexander, Wrestleshack 22 (BG East)

The second match of BGE's Wrestleshack 22  comes loaded with shtick. Nearly every wrestling-related kink gets a call-out - gear fetish, jockstraps, smothering, rip-and-strip, hair-pulling, ball-grabbing, blindfolding, choking, humiliation, ropes, and squash job. Its menu falls short of, say, The Cheesecake Factory, but if you have any kind of kink, this match attempts to tickle it. I respect the ambition, though there's a lot of clutter I could do without.

The Wrestleshack is itself a sort of gimmick, but one I approve of one-hundred percent. Its closely confined space offers privacy and a sense of intimacy. It one-ups the proverbial euphemism "taking somebody behind the woodshed" by taking somebody into the woodshed, where it's possible for two bodies in constant commotion to work up some heat and sweat. That's what happens here, at great expense to Ty's self-esteem.

Gear fetish is not a thing of mine. Maybe someday it will be, but not right now. As for ropes, squashes, and blindfolds, I can see the appeal without feeling it. For me, yanking some hair and choking a feller are right on the money. The scenic views of both wrestlers' asses - mostly Ty's (we get a fleeting glimpse of the Kid's) - are welcome. The wrestling, though at times encumbered by all the extra toppings, is high quality, thanks to Ty's talent for selling agony and Kid K's talent for making sure there's plenty of it to sell.

Ty is less pompous than usual, and I almost feel sorry for the guy. As always, Kid Karisma more than steals the show. He IS the show. He is a walking-talking gimmick I've been a sucker for since forever. His dependability in high-voltage punishment and body grinding is the main reason.

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