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Austin Tyler vs Nick Flex, Catalog 8 - Muscle Boys Clash! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

People are right to be talking about the white trunks. Their disappearing act nearly steals the show. Funny how saturation with sweat turns the white spandex semi-transparent, and what lovely closeups we get of Austin Tyler's thinly veiled junk! But the real news here is that Tyler gives the once seemingly indestructible Nick Flex the toughest challenge of his career - and the outcome is damn near terrifying in its fury and destruction. It's the toughest, meanest fight MuscleBoy has released to date.

Things happen so fast in Tyler vs Flex I found it next to impossible to get screen grabs that weren't blurred. Most of my attempts look like hasty snapshots of a knife fight in a dimly lit bar. The seven images above are the best I could come up with, but they don't begin to convey the intensity, suspense, and brutality of the match. For those, you need to see the match for yourself or check out Alex Miller's remarkable GIFs at The Cave.

"Okay. You're big," Tyler states dismissively at the beginning, when Flex gets in his face. "You're not that big, but you're big. You're fuzzy, too," referencing Nick's hairy torso. Neither man looks the least bit intimidated by the other. The two are well known for their coolness under pressure as much as for their crippling prowess in battle. Their understated performance styles by no means diminish the drama of their fights - and together here they mark new personal bests, which, considering the dynamism of their previous battles, is to say a fucking lot.

This is one of those matches where I swear I can feel the steam rising from the heaving bodies. So engrossing is the give and take that I never bothered to choose a side to root for. The sheer joy of watching these two talents grapple was an end in itself. Had I tried, I doubt I could have picked a favorite, my emotions rocked me between the two so that it was the match as a whole that captivated me. I cheered for the match, which is something of a miracle.

The fight is sexy without pandering to its own eroticism. MuscleBoy has produced a number of sex fights I've enjoyed greatly, partly because they integrate lust and aggression almost seamlessly. But wrestling itself is my ideal of sex. My best fucks are those that most closely resemble grappling. It's a fetish. My problem with most sex fights is that they sacrifice too much of the aggression for the sake of the lust, which, for me, is all but indistinguishable from the drive to dominate, merge, seize, and utterly occupy. Tyler and Flex walk a thin line and do it beautifully.

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