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Justin Powers vs Adam Bryant, Catalog 8 - Muscle Boys Clash! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Not that objectivity counts for much here at Ringside at Skull Island - I like what I like, unapologetically - but I can't even pretend to be objective about Justin Powers, master of MuscleBoy's "hard romance" style. I hard hard  for the guy, whose mix of come-on looks and steady aggression makes me melt. I wear my passion for him on my sleeve, one reason Rocco gifted me Justin's G-string four months ago - a holy relic, sort of. 

In Catalog 8 Justin takes on hard case Adam Bryant. I know Adam mostly through Thunder's Arena. where I once praised his "rough trade vibe," but I think MBW may be a better fit for him. MuscleBoy gives Adam room to show what he can do. His match with Justin delivers a lot of give and take, whereas the Arena typecast him as a jobber (at least in the matches I saw). He doesn't waste a lot of words on introductions, summarily shoving Justin back against the wall and punching him in the gut.

Adam offers some distraction, but my gaze is mostly fixed on Justin, whose looks are best described as "dessertish" - one part hot congressional intern, one part Bourbon rose. There's no particular hold I remember him for. He's most magnetic when his shoulders are pressed to the wall - or when he's pressing his opponent's shoulders to the wall.  Why that should be so, I can't even guess. All I know is I'd hate to meet him and not have a nearby wall to shove him up against. Or a wrestling mat. He also turns sweating into an art form.

The match brims with prolonged body contact and closed-fist jabs alternating with liplocks. The liplocks could suck the bones out of flesh. The sado-seductive action, 28 minutes' worth, mounts to a piledriver climax, maybe the most orgasmic finisher in all pro wrestling.

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  1. That first photo and the rest of the review are breathtaking... great post!


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